Hannah Longmuir

Hannah Longmuir, an incredibly talented artist, captures the delicate beauty of the countryside through her intricate drawings. Hannah sought a platform that would not only showcase her artwork but also provide her patrons an intuitive shopping experience.

Drawing inspiration from her serene countryside sketches, we aimed to design an interface that was both minimalistic yet immersive. Our intent was to let the artwork speak for itself, while ensuring a smooth and seamless e-commerce experience for her customers.

Hannah Longmuir mockup image | Web design Stirling
Hannah Longmuir mockup image | Web design Stirling

Navigation was designed to be user-friendly, allowing visitors to easily browse, select, and purchase their favourite pieces. Each product page was curated to showcase the detailed artwork with zoom-in features and succinct descriptions. 

With many of Hannah’s customers accessing the site via mobile devices, responsiveness was a top priority. The website was structured to deliver a consistent experience across all device sizes, ensuring every stroke and shade of Hannah’s artwork was vividly visible, and the shopping process was a breeze.