Clan Mackenzie

For enthusiasts of Scottish history and lineage, the Clan Mackenzie Society stands as a testament to tradition and camaraderie. Their vision? To create a digital hub for members to dive deep into the rich tapestry of Clan Mackenzie’s heritage.

The intricacies of crafting a website for the Clan Mackenzie Society went beyond typical design work. The task at hand was to bridge centuries of tradition with today’s digital expectations, ensuring members not only received valuable insights into the clan’s history but also accessed exclusive benefits seamlessly.

Clan Mackenzie mockup image | Web design Stirling
Clan Mackenzie mockup image | Web design Stirling

The web platform was crafted to accommodate both individual enthusiasts and duos with its two distinct membership options: Single and Joint. While both tiers grant access to the same range of coveted features—like a unique membership certificate, an annual magazine, early event booking access, and exclusive shop discounts—the Joint membership allows two individuals to delve into the Clan Mackenzie heritage together, sharing the experience.

Successfully translating the clan’s illustrious legacy into a user-friendly digital platform, the final website became a space where history enthusiasts could connect, share, and celebrate their Clan Mackenzie heritage.