Ruman Homes

At Ruman Homes, crafting beautiful, quality homes is an art – and their new website reflects just that. As our first website launch of 2024, we took on the challenge of mirroring Ruman Homes’ expertise in house building into a digital format. The result? A light, modern website that’s as welcoming and elegant as the homes they build.

We embraced a design philosophy focused around space and lightness, much like Ruman Homes’ own architectural style. The website features a clean, modern layout with plenty of white space, ensuring information is not only accessible but also a joy to browse.

Ruman Homes mockup image | Web design Stirling
Ruman Homes mockup image | Web design Stirling

Pops of Ruman Homes’ branding colours are sprinkled throughout the site, bringing vibrancy and visual continuity. These splashes of colour not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also guide visitors intuitively through the site.

Ruman Homes specialises in new builds, renovations, and extensions, each requiring a unique set of skills and design sensibilities. We dedicated sections on the website to each of these areas, complete with detailed descriptions and stunning imagery.