Radiant Birth

In creating a digital home for Radiant Birth, our objective was to seamlessly translate the tranquil and supportive essence of Anna, a dedicated local doula, into an online platform. Capturing her gentle guidance and extensive expertise for expectant parents became the core inspiration for our design journey.

Softness was key in our colour selection, with a nurturing palette of pink, cream, and gold, each hue was chosen to echo the warmth and calmness Anna brings to her practice. These colours gently intertwine across each page, providing a comforting visual journey for all visitors.

Radiant Birth mockup image | Web design Stirling
Radiant Birth mockup image | Web design Stirling

With a mindful approach to user experience, the website offers clear, intuitive navigation, ensuring visitors find information about doula services, Anna’s background, pricing, and valuable resources with ease and simplicity. The design ethos prioritised accessibility and responsiveness to accommodate every visitor’s needs.

The user-friendly management system allows Anna to continually add new resources and information to the website herself, ensuring expectant parents always have access to the most current and supportive information available.